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Bathroom Tiles

Bring Drama To Your Bathing Space With Our Bathroom Tiles

Though white has always enjoyed popularity in bathrooms, there’s now an increasing trend to embrace a more dynamic bathroom space that you can really stamp your personality on to create a truly stunning space. At Miles of Tiles, we have both show-stopping tiles and inspirational ideas to help you to bring a touch of drama to your bathroom!

Try Detailed And Decorative

One approach to creating a bathroom that is visually interesting is to use the same design elements as you would for your living spaces. Pictorial wallpaper was once the most popular choice for lounge areas in the 1970s and retro styles have a habit of coming back into fashion. Embrace this re-emergence of vintage charm in your bathroom with the Imagine series of tiles by La Fabbrica. With their sophisticated foliage motifs, they create a dreamy, romantic and exotic ambience, transforming your bathroom into a relaxing haven with a strong design element.

The Imagine series runs an array of nine different styles, which are available in the large format of 60cm x 120cm. For maximum visual effect and minimum grout lines choose the XXL panel-like 120cm x 280cm size.

The Powerful Pizazz Of Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles allow for great expression and if you favour timeless style, look no further than Devonstone Black. This high-quality, hard-wearing porcelain option features a pattern that borrows elements from Victorian home design – a central focal point embellished with a surrounding array of organic geometric shapes. This choice is perfect if you want to give your bathroom a striking look with an antique feel.

For something completely different, take a look at our Saturn Blue. Featuring hazy patterns of swirling blues and rust shades, these tiles are designed to represent the colours of the cosmos. They are truly out of this world!

saturn blue

Use Contrast

A novel way to create an impact is through the use of contrast. In terms of bathroom design, this would mean choosing two tiles that differ in size, texture or colour. For maximum effect choose two that differ dramatically in all three characteristics. A large format tile that is smooth in texture and light in colour like the Invisible Polished Marble paired with a dark, small and textured tile like Karma Green makes for an original and unusual contrasting effect, which can be further accentuated by laying the smaller option in a herringbone layout.

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