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Wall Tiles

Transform Your Interior With Our Diverse Selection Of Wall Tiles

Floor tiles are the default decor for kitchens and bathrooms across the country, especially porcelain ones which are smooth, easy to clean and won’t rot or warp when splashed by a showerhead or exposed to a steaming kettle. Compared to floor tiles, the decorating phenomenon of wall tiles goes virtually unnoticed but we don’t think that should be the case.

With our vast selection of patterns, colours, materials and finishes, you can cultivate your ideal aesthetic for your hallway, living room, dining area or any other room in your home. What’s more, with some of our wall tiles, you can go that step further and tile a terrace or a corner of the garden in keeping with the current landscaping trend for distinct garden ‘zones’.

Experimenting With The Basics

Stone is an ancient building material that can sometimes appear a little outdated in contemporary houses. However, we have experimented with this simple material to create a whole range of plain and decorative wall tiles that suit a modern house down to the ground.

For example, the Dublin range suggests a faintly worn concrete look in traditional anthracites, beiges and greys. It’s perfect for the on-trend industrial look, whilst the Brussels Bone provides a warm, small-format tile that is more appropriate for a home bathroom. Both of these wall tiles suggest a different look, despite being variations of simple stone-effect porcelain. Our Aspen selection, on the other hand, comes with light artwork printed on each tile, combining the timeless textures of stone with the pleasing decoration of wallpaper prints!

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A Sense Of Elegance

Some tiles provide a room with a special elegance. In particular, marble styles stand out from the crowd, with a smooth and soft appearance that can be subtle or downright dramatic. Our Invisible Marble selection (actually made from porcelain) implies absolute luxury and wealth – featuring whites and greys interspersed with striking gold. This tile could easily transform a hallway or any other space of your choice. Darker-veined marble tiles are also available, shifting the colour scheme but maintaining that sense of light, opulence and extra space.

Alternatively, you could be really bold with a black tile, such as the small format Nero Marquina. These dark, glossy tiles create a chic, sophisticated look and despite their simple design, suggest taste and dynamism. They are the perfect tiling option for a contemporary bathroom or a pool room.

Metro: An Unexpectedly Versatile Set Of Wall Tiles

Plenty of our other tiles can be used on the wall and the floor, with the potential to create seamless transitions and subtle contrasts, but there is a specific design that is instantly recognisable as a wall tile.

The Metro or Plaqueta’s selection are features of kitchens and bathrooms across the country and are only available as a wall tile. You’re sure to have seen this style, with its sloping edges, making a terrific splashback above a sink or an attractive backdrop to the kitchen work counter. The neat, small-format tiles fit together in a pleasing, traditional geometric pattern, which can suit both Edwardian decor and the sleekest, most modern homes, with red and teal shades available to add a stripe of colour to your environment.

Miles Of Tiles

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