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Creating An Impact With Black And White Tiles

We love colour in our homes, and whether you use a few colours as the basis of your scheme or if you have a more eclectic multi-coloured look, colours can help you to make a statement. With so much colour, it can make a change to give some rooms a striking monochrome look for contrast, and if you are looking to achieve this, one solution is to use black and white tiles.

The Classic Checkerboard Look

Perhaps the most classic use of black and white tiles is the checkerboard pattern, which uses a combination of black and white tiles laid alternating on a diagonal. This creates a timeless look that evokes the drama of a chess board. If you are laying the tiles to the very edges of the room, we’d advise finding the centre of the room and laying the first group of four tiles there, so that you can achieve the best symmetry. For detailed instructions on how to lay tiles, you can find some useful Tiling Guides on our website.
Getting Creative With Rectangular Black And White Tiles
Rectangular tiles offer versatility as you can lay them horizontally to give the illusion of adding width to a room, lay them vertically to emphasise height, or even in a herringbone pattern. Using both black and white rectangular tiles in combination with each other allows you to be really creative by using a mix of them in different proportions. Our Selkiss White and Selkiss Charcoal tiles are a particularly fitting choice for this approach.

Patterned Black And While Tiles

For impact that is contained within a single tile, opt for our patterned Devonstone Black. These symmetrical black and white tiles feature a strong and bold monochromatic floral design, with Fleur de Lys style motifs pointing diagonally out to each corner. Made of hard-wearing porcelain, they look equally at home on a kitchen wall as they do on a bathroom floor. If you are choosing to lay them on the latter, you may be pleased to know that these black and white tiles are also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Wood Effect Tiles For A Subtle Approach

When plain black and white tiles are used in conjunction with each other, there’s drama created by the stark contrast between the two different colours (though it’s actually debatable whether black is really a colour). Sometimes, it’s effective to blur the boundaries. Our Rosin Grey wood effect tiles achieve this with a blend of blacks, whites and greys, blending in together to give a rustic, artistic and bohemian feel to your floor.

Our Full Range Of Tiles

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