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How To Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall (also known as an accent wall) can have the same impact as renovating an entire room! They always bring some new energy to even the most lacklustre spaces. If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, simply keep reading.


Knowing What You’re Looking For

Also known as an accent wall, feature walls refer to one wall in a room that’s decorated differently from the others. This could be with different colours, textures or materials, like wood or stone in a mostly painted room. It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with something new. For instance, if you’ve not tried tiles in a bedroom or living room, this is your chance to see how they look without completely redecorating.

We’re drawn to difference. Your feature wall will immediately catch people’s attention, so decide on which parts of the room you want to highlight first. It could be some impressive stonework or an antique mantelpiece but if there isn’t an obvious architectural feature, you can use it to emphasise furniture or framed artwork. 

Accent walls are also excellent tools for ‘zoning’. Instead of physically splitting up your kitchen and living room with a wall, why not use this method in an open-plan space? A tiled wall over the hob or an intricate pattern behind the sofa makes a subtle yet effective difference. Such walls work best in larger spaces but they can also help to broaden a long and narrow room, making it appear much wider. For instance, you might add the Festa Leaf Décor to the far wall of a cloakroom or hallway, where it will create a sense of spaciousness.


Colour Rules

Colour can be the key to a good-looking room, especially with some helpful pointers!

Bold hues are everywhere with designers frequently favouring rich shades like magenta. They certainly make stunning features, especially in a white room but these contrasts can be stark and don’t always work as intended. If you’re going for a strong colour, try calming it down with neutral shades. Opt for a warm neutral like beige or gold, or a cold neutral like grey or taupe. 

Generally speaking, a feature wall is often darker than the rest of the room. Aim for about 60%-70% light colours and leave the remaining 30%-40% for your accent. 

This doesn’t mean you have to pick a dark colour. Our Plaqueta Sage Gloss brings an early Edwardian charm in a pale green hue – simply pair it with cream or very light wood, allowing the eye to be drawn to the spring green.

Small tiles like Plaqueta give you great design freedom because you can arrange them in several different formats or mix them for a truly eye-catching wall. Our Karma collection includes brown, green and turquoise, which can be used together or apart to add a splash of glossy colour. The brown Karma Fall sets off green colours to perfection, while the green tile is perfect for a warm, rosy pink.


Stone And Wood Effect Feature Wall

Smooth surfaces can be very appealing, but an element of texture is also an important part of feature wall design. Natural materials like wood and stone have grains and formations, creating a deeper, more interesting contrast.

Try taking an oak effect tile like our Woodland Taupe and contrasting it against cooler colours such as greens or greys. The wood is deep and warming, suggesting a feeling of sanctuary in a mostly cool room. The grains and textures also tie the space to nature, which makes it a popular choice for spa-like bathrooms and wellness retreats.

Stone effect tiles also make excellent accent walls! More heavily textured designs like our Provenza wall tile suggest a more rustic space, ideal for a fireplace surround. Meanwhile, our Alda Grey recreates a dark slate effect with a dynamic, natural look that works well in a wetroom or shower room.


Your Perfect Feature Wall

Every room looks good with a feature wall and they can come in any size, shape, colour or texture. Browse our wall & floor tiles for more possibilities. 

If you’d like some advice, come and talk to us in one of our Coventry, Rugby or Leamington showrooms. We also often have in-store-only offers that you can make use of!

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