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Kitchen Tiles

Get Creative With Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are a way of creatively transforming the heart of your home, whether it’s tiling your floor, creating a splashback or creating a feature wall. Read on if you need some inspiration for your kitchen remodel featuring some of our most popular tiles.

Floor Tiles

Our stunning Marble Effect Tiles bring a touch of luxury to any floor. If you have a spacious kitchen, these tiles will be a good fit as their size means you’ll have to lay fewer tiles. Invisible Marble Polished tiles are one of our best sellers. With detailed gold and grey veins running through a white base colour, these porcelain tiles are hard-wearing, as well as beautiful. For those who prefer a darker tile, Sahara Noir offers sophistication, with onyx tones and copper veining running down the length of each tile. As each of these kitchen tiles is heavily detailed, they can look a bit ‘busy’ in a kitchen that has detailed décor, so they might work best in a more neutral space.

Creating A Splashback With Kitchen Tiles

If you don’t already have a splashback, you’ll be aware of how quickly splatter marks and stains can build up on your walls. A splashback will safeguard your walls with a waterproof and easy-to-clean covering. Though some people chose to create a splashback of glass, using kitchen tiles offers protection for your walls from dirt and damage, while adding a pop of colour.
When creating a splashback, it’s always a good idea to tile way past the edges of the cooker. When sauces are boiling, it’s easy for splashes to come much higher and wider than you might think, so extended tiling in the immediate area around the cooker will help to protect walls, keeping the majority of food and oil splatters from your walls.
If you are tiling across the entire width of a wall, you could choose our Metro Tiles. Their name comes from their similarity to the tiles used in the Paris Metro! They offer a timeless look that is uniform and simple and because of this, they are often the go-to choice for splashbacks.

A Feature Wall

Though you could use a vertical column of different coloured plain tiles to break up a long wall, if you want to create a stunning feature wall that really stands out, patterned tiles are the way to go. With so many to choose from at Miles of Tiles, you’re bound to find some that you love. To bring an organic feel to your kitchen, use Festa Anthracite Leaf Décor. These new kitchen tiles interlink to create a floral feature, creating a stunning statement in your kitchen.

Our Full Range Of Tiles

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