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Bathroom Tiles

Time For A Refresh With Large Bathroom Tiles

Winter is truly here, bringing long nights and freezing temperatures. You might think this drab period is a world away from home remodelling, where you brighten up your house with intriguing new designs. However, these chilly months are actually an ideal time to kickstart your interior design projects, adding colour, purpose and new trends! For example, large bathroom tiles can completely reconfigure your space, creating something new and exciting in the midst of winter gloom.

Time To Get Creative

You can’t control the weather and you can’t make flowers bloom. What you can do is create your own personalised haven, which will see you through from winter to autumn! With winter holidays, slow business and the occasional snow day, you have more time off to brainstorm, plan and install some new decor, from large bathroom tiles to a painted accent wall. Washrooms are a particularly good choice for redesigns, as a warm room with a bubbling bath can be your number one space during the winter!

Winter is also the perfect time to leap on new trends, making the most of current fashions as soon as they come in! 2023 will come with its own new styles to watch out for and some of them might be just what you’ve been looking for…

The Appeal Of Large Bathroom Tiles

Colour schemes alter and textures change, but large bathroom tiles have continued to be fashionable. They come in a wide range of designs, fitting in with almost any chosen aesthetic, while their great size creates a clean, neat and fuss-free look. There are far fewer grout lines than with smaller tiles, giving a smooth and uninterrupted finish that often covers walls and floors in one continuous design. Even in a smaller area, large bathroom tiles can give the impression of space, thanks to the seamless spread of their colour and texture.

The lack of lines lets you explore the patterns and hues, such as the intriguing threads on our luxurious marble tiles. Opulent marble is still and will forever be a popular choice for bathrooms, especially with tiles such as the Invisible Marble Polished. Slightly understated, it uses grey shades and bright gold veins running through the marble to create a stunning tile that can flow across walls and floors. It’s no surprise to us that this offering ticks many boxes for upcoming trends, from opulence to warm monochrome!

Tile Trends In 2023

The bathroom is its own private space, a shelter from the havoc of the rest of the home. However, some other household trends have influenced the bathroom, including a love of warm monochrome.

Warm monochrome is steadily growing in popularity, as more designers reject stark contrasts for neutral tones, such as greys, taupes and beiges. Our Invisible Marble Polished tiles fulfil this requirement, with touches of grey to balance out the white background. Meanwhile, the veins running through the marble satisfy a desire for classy gold touches.

However, some bathrooms are forsaking the dramatic and the striking, instead going for a more rustic look reminiscent of the sustainability aesthetic. This look prioritises timeless and durable styles while opting for natural-looking materials. Our Woodland large bathroom tiles bring that touch of nature into the home, the wood effect suggesting something of the spa. It’s a wonderful look that lets you truly relax, conveying a real sense of atmosphere!

Our Full Range Of Tiles

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