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Marble Effect Tiles At Miles Of Tiles

Historically, Marble has been used as a building material due to its beauty, majesty, and great strength. Testament to this is the fact that the Taj Mahal is made entirely of Marble. Marble was also used by the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks to build statues, and it also gained popularity during these times as a material for buildings, as well as the internal fixtures and fittings. It is grand, study and long lasting.
Marble is formed as the result of limestone being under pressure for thousands of years. Being visually stunning and created by the forces of nature, makes it a material that is mystical, earthy and grounding to have as your surroundings. The dramatic and striking appearance is a visual reminder of the strain it was created under.
Perhaps it’s this historical provenance that makes it such a desirable material to have in our homes?
Real marble comes at a cost. With our Marble Effect Tiles you can have the look and feel of natural, authentic marble, but at a fraction of the cost. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, Marble Effect Tiles are as beautiful as they are practical. Whether you’d like to instal them on the floor, or hang them on your walls, (or on both for a truly splendorous look), we’ve got a small and perfectly formed range of Marble Effect Tiles for your home.

Marble Effect Tiles For Floors and Walls

For floors and walls, we present to you Invisible Marble Polished. We’ve chosen these beautiful Carrera Gold Polished tiles, as each have their own individually characteristic blend of grey and gold veins running through them, making each a unique work of art. With a range of sizes to fit different spaces and for different looks of layout, the tiles come in three sizes of 60cm × 30cm, 60cm x 60cm, and 60 x 120. Choose one size of tiles, or mix and match between tile sizes for further layout customisation.
To work out how many Marble Effect Tiles you’ll need for coverage, you can use our handy tool. Just tap in the size of the space you’ve like to cover in square metres, click the Calculate Button and the tool will show how many tiles you’ll need, and the total cost. Add the number into the box above and then checkout. You can now make great savings too for a limited time, by taking advantage of our Web Exclusive Savings which offers over 20% off when you order direct through our website. This saving means now’s a great time to buy Marble Effect Tiles from Miles Of Tiles, whether you are refurbishing your existing bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your home, or creating a space from scratch.

Our Full Range of Tiles

You can browse our full and extensive range of tiles on our website, in a whole range of materials, shades and finishes. Alternatively, come and visit us at one of our Warwickshire showrooms in Leamington and Rugby, or our West Midlands showroom in Coventry. You can contact us by filling out our online form or by giving us a call on 01926 312777.
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