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Our Guide To Choosing Matching Tiles

We’re all in favour of creativity, especially when it comes to mixing and matching tiles.

However, it can help to have a framework, so we’ve set out some general guidance for pairing different tiles. It’s not a rulebook, but it will help you design a balanced, cohesive and inviting space.

Pairing Plain And Patterned Tiles

Less is more when it comes to decorative tiles. If you’ve set your heart on a patterned tile, try pairing it with a quiet surface so the design can stand out without being overwhelming.

Take our Peace Décor collection. This range includes some intriguing wall tiles in a pleasing honeycomb pattern, adding a chic geometric element to any bathroom or kitchen. Designers love these hexagonal patterns, so bring them to the forefront by pairing them with their matching tiles, like the Peace Beige Concept with the Peace White Wall or Floor.

Some tiles have large, eye-catching images that yearn to be on display. These make amazing feature walls, where one wall is covered in an outstanding design. For instance, the Festa Leaf Décor is covered with fern-like patterns, which jump out against a quieter surface.

Matching Tiles By Material

Another approach is to pair tiles by material.

Wood and stone are a classic combination as they’re both organic materials with natural grains and textures. The results can be rustic and relaxing or more formal when paired with polished marble or sleek hardwood floors.

As the designer, you can choose whether to focus on the stone or the wood look. With a rustic tile like our multi-coloured Provenza, you’ll want to highlight the stone and use wood as more of a background. Alternatively, you can choose a very gentle stone-effect tile like our Bologna Sand Wall, letting the wood-effect tiles do the talking.

Wood has a particular impact on marble-effect tiles, softening a cold, hard aesthetic. This is especially true of rich, warm woods, like our Oldwood Castano. Generally speaking, these types of dark wood are perfect matching tiles for lighter elements, like our Naos Blanco Brillo.

Colour Combinations

Matching tiles with painted walls is an excellent opportunity to explore colour combinations, especially as half-tiled, half-painted walls are in style.

Neutral colours like brown or grey make an excellent contrast against warmer colours like pinks, reds and yellows. The same goes for cooler colours like blues, greens and purples, making our Karma Green wall tile just perfect for the bottom half of a rosy pink wall or a feature wall in a red-tinged room.

Red and blue is a very strong colour contrast. It’s a classic combination with patriotic associations, but it can be reimagined to create something more avant-garde. Our Saturn Blue and Saturn Oxide tiles have an inspiring design, but the former focuses on blue and the latter on a striking rust red. You can use both tiles or create stunning decor with just one of these incredible designs.

Find The Perfect Matching Tiles

Head to our website to browse our tiles or visit us in person at one of our showrooms in Leamington, Rugby or Coventry. We often have in-store-only offers and a visit to us is the only way you’ll gain exclusive access to them.

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