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Outdoor Tiles

Breathe New Life Into Your Garden With Outdoor Tiles

As we slowly but surely edge into spring, your thoughts may be turning to preparing your garden for brighter days. Apart from planting bulbs, clearing weeds and sorting repairs, have you thought about revamping your garden by laying outdoor tiles? If not, you can trust Miles of Tiles to give you some tips to transform your garden into your own little Eden.

For Pleasing Patios

Patios are the living rooms of the garden, where time is spent around the table dining with family or chatting with friends over nibbles and drinks. To emulate the classic look of an English country garden, use light-coloured, large format square tiles. Traditionally, flagstones would be used to create this kind of patio, which are full of rural charm. Crossover Blanco brings modern convenience to this style in the form of a porcelain tile that is hard-wearing and natural-looking. These outdoor tiles feature five different designs with organic-looking differences between them, similar to that of real stone.

For a striking and contemporary patio area, choose Urano. These outdoor tiles are made up of dark grey and rust shades, which are ideal if you’re looking to really define your patio and add an element of separation from the rest of your garden.

Outdoor Tiles For Pools And Wet Areas

If you own one of the 250,000 homes in the UK with a private swimming pool and you’d like to give a contemporary edge to your pool, then look no further than Lava Anthracite. These porcelain outdoor tiles have the appearance of dark stone, making them perfect for adding a sophisticated surround to any swimming pool.

They have practical benefits, too, as their textured surface allows for grip under bare feet, making them suitable for any area that may get wet when kids are playing with sprinklers or paddling pools.

Upgrade Old Paths

Gravel and bark pathways are cheap and easy to create, making them a popular choice for those who want to create a walkway on a budget. As the materials are laid loose, they can often shift as they are disturbed by feet or harsh weather, which means they require constant maintenance.

Say goodbye to this constant upkeep by laying a tiled garden path! Permanent porcelain paving in the form of AF Rock Anthracite outdoor tiles will provide a low-maintenance alternative to messy, loose materials, while the 90mm x 90mm square format allows for several different layouts.

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