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Around The World With Patterned Tiles

Sometimes, plain tiles might be best suited to your space but patterned tiles can give your bathroom that ‘wow factor’. At Miles of Tiles, we have a range of tiles to help you to bring a little pizzaz to your walls! Our variety of patterned tiles can be suggestive of exotic places, so with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our popular tiles to help give your bathroom a far-away feel.

Patterned Tiles For A Pacific Oceanside Look

Bring a sophisticated Los Angeles coastal vibe to your bathing space, along with a splash of colour with the Avalon Blanco Décor. These beautiful patterned tiles feature a blend of shades of blues, grey and creams running vertically down each tile, with each strip given an individual and detailed weathered treatment to break up the lines and to add visual texture. The gloss finish really brings out the detail in each of these highly detailed tiles.

Rural Balearic Stylings

If a decorative motif tile in a Spanish style is more your thing, then our Aspen Décor range might suit your needs. These tiles are made by Mayolica in Castellón near the east coast of Spain and are guaranteed to bring a touch of rustic charm to your home.
Measuring 225 × 75 mm, they come with different decorative motifs in an elongated rectangle form. Their shape means they are ideal to either tile a space completely or to use midway up a wall in a horizontal row to separate two sections of larger plain tiles. These patterned tiles come in three designs: The Aspen Beige Decor features a trio of flower-like motifs, Aspen Natural Décor tiles have overlapping arching semi-circles in a rainbow-like form, while the scrolling swirls reach out in all directions on the Aspen White Décor are subtly suggestive of plant life.
As this range of tiles is characterised by a light, faded and shaded look with white decoration, we’d recommend a lighter grout, so that the delicate features of these tiles can breathe.

Italian Plaza Style, Inside

The Italian city of Bologna is known for its Piazza Maggiore, a sprawling plaza lined with fine Italian architecture. To bring the classic look of Italian buildings to the inside of your home, why not choose our Bologna Stuck Grey Décor? These stone-effect porcelain patterned tiles are crafted to feature multi-levels within each tile. When placed together this effect is greatly enhanced to create a wall with texture and character. The varied shades of colour that run throughout each tile, along with the different thicknesses will turn any wall into an eye-catching feature.

Our Full Range of Tiles

You can browse our full and extensive range of patterned tiles on our website. Alternatively, come and visit us at one of our Warwickshire-based showrooms in Leamington, Rugby or Coventry. You can contact us by filling out our online form or by giving us a call on 01926 312777.
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