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Porcelain Tiles

The Advantages Of Porcelain Tiles

At Miles of Tiles, we stock a huge range of tiles, the most popular of which being porcelain and ceramic. Some of these products emulate other materials, like our Wood Effect Tiles and Marble Effect Tiles. When we’re helping you to choose, we find one of the most common questions is ‘why and when should I use porcelain tiles?’ In this blog, we’ll look at when porcelain works best.

The Manufacturing Process

Porcelain and ceramic tiles look similar and, at a glance, it’s hard to tell any difference at all. While it’s true that both are squares or rectangles made of a clay-based material, the big difference is in the way they are made. Porcelain tiles are fired in a kiln at a much higher temperature and under a greater pressure than ceramic tiles. The end result is that porcelain is more compact as the manufacturing process reduces the amount of air in the tiles, which makes them less porous, stronger and more durable. It’s worth noting that ceramic tiles are in no way inferior, and they are still extremely tough and hard wearing.

What Areas Of The Home Are Porcelain Tiles Best For?

Areas of your home that see high traffic, such as your hallway or kitchen, are prone to dirt! In these spaces, porcelain is a better choice. Most porcelain tiles are nano-sealed during the manufacturing process and this layer covers and protects the porous surface of the tile, meaning any spillages or dirt can simply be wiped away. For these areas, Alda Anthracite would make a fitting tile. As well as being beautifully detailed, these tiles are easy to clean and the complex blends of greys will help to minimise visible dirt.

If you’re thinking that porcelain will always win over ceramic tiles, you may be glad to know that either one of them are excellent options for bathrooms and wet rooms, as both of these tiles are highly water-resistant. This means that you aren’t bound by the characteristics of the material and your choice of tile for these rooms can be purely based on the aesthetic.

However, for bathroom floors, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s wise to choose a tile that is resistant to being slippery when wet, which porcelain certainly is. Keystone Brown tiles are a functional choice as they feature a textured matt riven surface to help bare feet maintain grip. These slate effect tiles are excellent for creating a wetroom or bathroom with an organic look.

Let’s Not Forget Ceramic Tiles!

The hero of this blog has been the porcelain tile, though ceramic tiles come into their own with the unique qualities that porcelain tiles don’t offer. Tiles such as our Aspen Beige Décor offer a more muted and detailed decorative element that you just can’t achieve with porcelain. As well as having different aesthetic qualities, ceramic tiles are often more cost-effective in terms of buying and fitting them.

Our Full Range Of Tiles

You can browse our full range of porcelain and ceramic tiles on our website. If you have any questions for us about which tiles are best for certain spaces, you can contact us by filling out our online form or by giving us a call on 01926 312777. Even better, come and see us in person by visiting our Warwickshire showrooms in Leamington Spa, Rugby or Coventry. Our team will be more than happy to help you!

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