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Follow The Trends With Our Small Bathroom Tiles

Sleek, stylish and contemporary, for years these were the buzzwords of bathroom design, with large format tiles in creams and monochromes taking over. However, recent designers have turned the tables by bringing back a friendlier environment, complete with colours and patterns, as well as stone and wood looks to create a room that’s the perfect place to relax. Our small bathroom tiles have great practical qualities but they also give you the flexibility to play around with these fascinating new trends.

A Practical Edge

Small bathroom tiles have a wealth of practical advantages – it’s a mystery why they were ever hidden behind the sink, protecting the wall as a splashback. Our Metro tiles still make dynamic splashbacks, covering any wall with a panel of bright and water-resistant ceramic but there’s a host of other applications for our small bathroom tiles.

For one thing, small format tiles are more versatile – they are able to fill spaces smoothly and economically, without requiring the entirely flat surface needed by large format tiles. You also have the freedom to play with the layout, mixing up the tiles with a horizontal, vertical or diagonal design to create an eye-catching accent wall. It’s worth noting that 33% of homeowners choose to add an accent wall when redesigning their bathrooms. Mix colours, explore contrasts and flex your creative muscles with our small bathroom tiles!

Design Inspirations And Small Bathroom Tiles

Accent walls are only the beginning! Without the all-or-nothing approach of large format tiles, you can mix materials as well as colours, joining in with the new half tile, half paint wall trend you may have seen online. Imagine the contrast of solid pink or green bathroom tiles, highlighted by creams and whites for a space that’s light and airy but also colourful and fresh!

Colourful bathrooms have a considerable psychological impact for many. For example, pastel pink is coming back into fashion as a modern, warm and characterful colour – these soft and calming shades create the perfect environment for a pampering session. Discover our Peace tiles for some subtle colours, from white to taupe, available in a hexagonal design that’s taking centre stage in modern design. Patterns are everywhere in new bathrooms at the moment, but it’s the humble hexagon that people have fallen in love with, citing their edgy and unforgettable shape as the main reason behind their choice. It’s time to think outside the box with small bathroom tiles from Miles of Tiles this season!

Experimenting With Materials

Most of our small bathroom tiles are made of ceramic and because of this, they’re easy to clean, durable and incredibly strong! However, we have a few unique tiles that mimic other materials to perfection, combining practicality with style!

We’re seeing a new trend emerge, known as the sustainability aesthetic. This focuses on long-lasting materials that won’t need to be replaced and never go out of style, as well as shades and textures that pay homage to the natural world. For example, stone effect tiles convey something rustic and pared-down, with tiles like the Provenza. On the other hand, wood effects are popular for their rich colours, suggesting a warm and inviting area reminiscent of a spa’s steamy, luxurious atmosphere.

Miles Of Tiles

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