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Three Tips For Tiling A Wall

Choosing wall tiles is one of the most exciting tasks of any bathroom or kitchen decorating project. However, before you start picking your tiles, there are some practical aspects to consider. Mistakes made when tiling a wall can end up being costly or inconvenient and may result in your tiling looking not quite right. Miles of Tiles is here to give you three key tips to help your project run smoothly.

Consider The Size Of The Room

Our tiles come in a range of different sizes, from small format Metro Tiles at 100mm x 200mm to large format 60 x 120cm tiles, like the Invisible Marble Polished. When choosing the colour and design of your tiles, it’s wise to do this while also considering the size of the tiles at the same time to ensure the ones you’ve landed on sit well in the room.
There’s a general rule when tiling a wall that larger rooms will be better suited to large format tiles and smaller rooms will need smaller tiles, though this isn’t always the case. If you can find large tiles that fit exactly in a small room without any cuts, this can create an original-looking and simple dynamic that might be favoured by those who embrace minimalism.

Picking The Grout When Tiling A Wall

Grout colour is often an oversight, though the difference this makes is huge. The shade you pick depends on what you’re trying to achieve in your design. If you want to highlight your tiles, a contrasting colour is best. So, for a dark-coloured tile like Karma Green, choose a light grout. If you’re trying to get a uniform look when tiling a wall, go for a grout that’s a close match to the colour of your tile, but just a little lighter or darker.
Perhaps the biggest mistake is picking a dark grout with white tiles as this brings the greatest attention to the grout, upstaging the lighter colour of the tiles and creating a very busy layout.

Carefully Calculate How Many Tiles You’ll Need

It can be really frustrating to run out of tiles before you get to the end of tiling a wall! To make sure you have enough, you should take into consideration any wastage and breakages, which is why we recommend ordering an extra 10% to cover this. If you’re using long rectangular tiles such as Brussels Bone to lay in a herringbone style, it’s wise to order an extra 15% due to the number of extra cuts that need to be made with this design.
By following these tips we hope you get the best out of your tiles and we wish you the very best with your next project!

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