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Kitchen Tiles

Complementing Your White Kitchen

A white kitchen will always be in style. It can create any look, from a cottage kitchen to a modern space, given the right complementary colour.

Read on for decor ideas, with stunning contrasts that bring out the fresh white of your walls, floors or cabinets.

Monochromatic Charm

We’ve seen all sorts of styles for 2023, with bold, bright colours topping the charts. However, you can never go wrong with a black and white kitchen. Despite the trend for deep magenta, dark and textured surfaces are proving very popular.

If you want to pursue a darker colour scheme, you might consider a textured tile, perhaps with white veining or fluctuating shades. It adds an element of extra interest, like the rough stone effect texture of the Mojo Anthracite. As with other dark colours, grey works well as a floor tile, grounding the space and giving it shape.

Kitchens are also one of the few rooms where you encounter wall tiles as well as floor tiles, partly to protect the wall from splashes and condensation. You can also use them to break up the white and add a bit of glamour. For instance, the Nero Marquina Small forms a glossy splashback, combining functionality with reflective black, interspersed with striking white veins.

Against black and white, any colour will stand out, be it a pink placemat or a vase of red flowers. This is still true of calmer, softer neutrals, such as rich creams and beiges. These make a fabulous contrast known as warm or ‘neutral monochrome’, which is an interesting alternative to traditional black and white.

Splashes Of Colour

On the other hand, bold shades are a great way to transform a ‘safe’ colour like white! One of the reasons we’re seeing so many bright shades is because they instantly convey personality, from the daring to the dynamic. A white kitchen can definitely benefit from coloured tiles, which completely redefine the mood of a space.

Take green, for example. It suggests a space for growth, wellness and peace, especially when paired with fresh shades of white. It varies from mint and lime to deep emerald, while our Karma Green sits in the middle, the forest green shades creating a distinguished-looking space. The shiny finish suggests deep relaxation, countering the sometimes hectic environment of food preparation.

Blue and white have also gone together since time immemorial, whether it’s sky and clouds or sea and spray. Our ceramic wall tile, the Karma Turquoise, suggests tranquillity and peace. It’s an unusual hue, so while white kitchens may be common, yours will feel totally unique.

Light Woods For A White Kitchen

You can experiment with dark shades and bright splashes, but white walls are, after all, traditional. Why not pair them with equally traditional flooring made of wood-effect tiles?

A light wood, like our Woodland Blanco ceramic, complements a white kitchen and makes it look larger, while the organic grain suggests a cosy, cottage-like interior. The pattern also provides a focal point, breaking up the white with something curious and attractive – the different colours of the Garda Vintage Wood are excellent for this! Alternatively, you can add a golden shade, enriching the kitchen with the oak hues of the Oldwood Castano tile – it’s a natural complement to any decorating style.

Enhance Your White Kitchen

Have we piqued your interest? Head to our website to browse our tiles or visit us in person at one of our showrooms in Leamington, Rugby or Coventry. We often have in-store-only offers and a visit to us is the only way you’ll gain exclusive access to them.

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