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Discovering The Charm Of Wood Effect Tiles

Explore the charm of wood effect tiles with Miles of Tiles. We have an array of such products available in a sturdy, low-maintenance ceramic. This flooring fills your home with the practical warmth and sophistication of a variety of authentic wood shades and textures, transforming indoor and outdoor spaces into inviting and comfortable areas.

A Timeless Decor

Wood effect decor is truly timeless, with different wall and floor tiles recalling ancient timber dwellings, antique hardwood floors and sophisticated commercial styles. The variety of trees, all with their own grains, colours and textures, provide for numerous aesthetics, furnishing hallways, living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and terraces with style. Even carpeted rooms such as living rooms can benefit from the addition of wood effect tiles! Wood is also the perfect material for the new trend of continuous flooring, extending between rooms and sometimes spilling out onto outside terraces to create a blend of indoor and outdoor living.

The diversity of grains and undertones, from hints of yellow and orange to greys or rich browns, ensures that no matter your surroundings and pre-existing decor, there will always be a wood effect tile for you.

The Perfect Match

At Miles of Tiles, we showcase white wood, reclaimed timber, taupes, greys and various shades of brown but these specific tiles are always portrayed in ceramic.

Ceramic shares some of the advantages of porcelain, possessing admirable durability, easy maintenance and water resistance, making it ideal for busy areas such as the hallway, as well as humid bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Imagine being able to design your bathroom wall with an attractive wood-effect tile or create an exposed wood-style patio with absolutely no risk of warping or decay!

Ceramic tiles are also more versatile than typical porcelain as they are easier to cut and shape, while offering a great selection of different designs. Read on for a more detailed description of our wood effect tiles, the perfect combination of practicality and visual charm.

An Extensive Library Of Wood Effect Tiles

The Miles of Tiles range features a multitude of wood styles, including products suitable for walls and floors and indoor and outdoor decor. From the on-trend herringbone accent wall to a relaxed outdoor terrace, wood effect tiles provide endless possibilities for the creative home designer. For example, our Maggiore White Wood offers the authentic texture of whitewashed oak, while its vibrant off-white shades fill the room with a modern, brighter aesthetic. Whether it’s installed in a kitchen, hallway or bathroom, this unexpected combination of oak grains and pale colours is guaranteed to make a fashion statement. On the other hand, you can recall old wooden flooring with our traditional Oldwood, available in grey, light brown and a rich, dark brown, with 15 different designs to choose from.

See the full potential of wood effect tiles, from greys and taupes to the hints of blue in our weathered Garda Vintage Wood, a product which suggests faded paint, an untold story and a much-loved home.

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