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Outdoor Porcelain Tiles: Our Number One Choice For Garden Decor

Outdoor porcelain tiles are our number one choice when it comes to any landscaping project, whether you’re building a terrace, adding aesthetic details or creating a poolside space where you can unfold your deckchair and relax in the sun.

Why We Prize Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

In our eyes, porcelain is a winner. Formed out of dense clay and fired at a higher temperature than other clay products, these tiles are durable and extremely resistant to wear and tear, lasting for years without footprints or table legs making the slightest mark. They are stain-resistant and easy to clean, ideal for muddy pawprints and spilt barbecue food, but more importantly, they are non-porous. You could even say that outdoor porcelain tiles are water-resistant, unaffected by splashes from the pool or fiercely wet weather. In winter this is vital, as the non-porous surface stops water from entering the paving and then freezing, causing the tile to crack.

Happily, porcelain lends itself to a myriad of designs and styles, mimicking everything from stone to wood whilst retaining the natural properties that make it so desirable.

So Much Choice!

You can create almost any look with outdoor porcelain tiles, given the multiplicity of styles and finishes – from wood-effect tiles in a classic herringbone pattern to traditional products with a dark stone texture. Stone is a very popular aesthetic, as it can communicate something of the natural world and varies from light beach-coloured shades to a cave-like anthracite. For example, our Crossover range features dark grey and anthracite tiles with a stone-like texture. The range also includes the pale Crossover Blanco, a white tile that fills the space with light. These hues make it ideal for a poolside or even for a terrace area that aims to recall the baking heat of the Mediterranean.

However, the natural look is not in vogue everywhere. An industrial aesthetic is coming back into fashion, represented among outdoor porcelain tiles with our sleek Dublin range in grey and beige, slightly worn and with a fantastically textured surface. As an indoor and outdoor product, suitable for walls and floors, Dublin tiles hold much creative potential!

A Splash Of Colour

Outdoor porcelain tiles definitely do not have to be monochrome! Even among imitation stone, there are products to help you add a special interest; our Ardesia Grey mimics slate but bright undertones of golden brown shine through the tile. Our Urano product goes further, combining the natural appeal of dark stone with vivid rust colours, providing you with a beautiful talking point.

The latter two also boast the advantage of being large format tiles. Large format products are on trend for a whole host of reasons, among them the ability to suggest space and continuity, perfect for wide areas of paving. Large format tiles reduce the visibility of grout lines and create an almost fluid sweep of colour and texture across an open space.

Discover Your Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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