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Stone Tiles

The Beauty of Stone Effect Tiles

It’s no surprise that stone effect tiles are so popular, as they bring an earthy, natural feeling to your surroundings. They are a versatile and practical tile, which are as hard wearing as stone itself, though they have a cost that is far more friendly to your budget.

Spaces Where Stone Effect Tiles Fit

Stone effect tiles are usually associated with the bathroom, though there’s every reason why you should think outside the box and also consider using them as an alternative to glossy tiles in your kitchen. In your cooking area, stone effect tiles could well enhance any existing rustic qualities of the room and make an impressive change from the look that is offered by the more usual choice of smooth surfaced tiles.
Moving even further away from the traditional thinking behind interior design, you could also use stone effect tiles to cover your walls and floors in other living spaces. Though wood flooring, wood tiles or laminate flooring are more commonplace in conservatories, you may wish to consider the option of flooring that space with stone effect tiles to create a more synchronised look between the inside and outside areas.

Stone Effect Tiles For Floors

At 600mm by 600mm, the Neostone White Floor offers a practical solution to using stone effect tiles as a floor covering for a large room, providing coverage with as few tiles as possible. Their slightly textured matt finish means that they are non-slip and, being made of porcelain, they are both hard-wearing and simplistically beautiful, which is why they’re also our number one choice for garden decor. This tile is available in three colours, the others being Neostone Grey Floor and Neostone Cream Floor.

Stone Effect Tiles For Walls

Our Neostone White Wall tiles are an example of our rectangular stone effect tiles, and their face will fit on any wall. With their natural matt finish and organic-looking detailing, they are very hard to tell apart from tiles that are made of real stone. With a raised grain running horizontally across their faces, they add substance and texture to any room.
A different option would be our Neostone Grey Wall tiles. The design of these tiles is artistic and earthy, with a range of grey hues appearing on each. The white veins that run through these tiles are detailed and varied in length, breadth and degree of feathering, resulting in a tile with an organic appearance.
As well as having an authentic stone look and feel, the added benefits of the Neostone collection is that they don’t need sealing like stone tiles and they are much more cost-effective to install. Stone effect tiles are the way to go to transform any room and to add natural beauty to your home.

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